Motor Painting

[img_assist|nid=59|title=BabyBlue|desc=|link=popup|align=right|width=199|height=200] I've been busy painting the motor housing and some other parts. I used high temperature paint from McMaster for the housing and epoxy based high temperature electrical varnish (also from McMaster) for the field coil cores. There were not a whole lot of colors to choose from and since I was ordering from a catalog I had no idea how the colors would come out. I picked blue and black since they seemed like fairly safe colors. The motor is starting to become quite colorful, once plonked into a yellow car it will look like the Swedish flag under the hood; which is most appropriate as I happen to be Swedish. [img_assist|nid=71|title=Rear Endpiece|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=200|height=169] [img_assist|nid=63|title=Cores|desc=|link=popup|align=right|width=200|height=147] I'm refraining from painting the front end-piece until I've machined it down to the right size, and what the right size is I won't know until I get the actual car.


Hey Judebert

I've actually been reading your blog occasionally and I did notice that your motor is almost exactly the same color. I also learned that I definitely need a rev limiter in my controller. Sorry to hear you sold your Amiga, my A1200 is still in the garage waiting for me to hook it up some day and play a round of supercars. I should get rid of it but there are so many memories...

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