New DMV requirements

I got a nasty surprise at the DMV today, there seems to be a new DMV requirement for EV conversions in California. It is no longer sufficient to have the vehicle inspected at the DMV and the fuel type change, you now have to go through a BAR referee station and you have to contact the ARB before making any changes to the emission system. My application was rejected based on this new memo even though my vehicle was inspected by the DMV before the memo and my title had already been sent to Sacramento to have the fuel type changed. Of course the people I talked to at the Sacramento headquartes did not know why my paperwork had been rejected, I had to go stand in the rain outside the local DMV to find out about the new memo, bureaucracy.......... Be warned



Did they tell you when they inacted this policy? You may predate the rule since you started awhile ago. How is the car running now? From BAR "Laws and Regulations" Pertaining to California Automotive Repair Dealers : 3340.5 Vehicles Excempt from Inspection. (a)In addition to the vehicles exempted from the program by section 44011 of the Health and Safety Code, the following vehicles are exempted: (2) any vehicle powered exclusively by electricity.

re: ARB

Yeah, tried that angle but the lady at the DMV couldn't do anything. The person on the phone at sacramento DMV agreed with me but they had already returned my paperwork. So I would have had to resubmit the paperwork, wait 30-60 days only to find out that some random egghead rejected it again. Anyway, the BAR referee inspection was no big deal. The guy looked under the hoog, scratched his head, called someone on the phone and explained there was a big metal box under the hood, no engine. Then he typed my info into the computer, changed the fuel type and that was it. Now I have to go back to the DMV and find out what hoops they want me to jump through next.

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