Change you can drive to work in!

On Tuesday, inauguration day, I drove the car to the DMV to get it inspected and have the registration changed to show that it's an electric car. I was quite nervous since I've never driven it further than up and down the street and I wasn't sure I would make it there and back. Well I made it, unfortunately I don't have any pictures so you'll have to make do with this beautiful graph of my journey [img_assist|nid=323|title=Drive to DMV|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=450|height=303] The graph shows the battery voltages, my BMS measures the voltage of every five cells, the Ah consumption and instantaneuos current. It looks like I'm cruising at 50 - 75 Amps and pull upp to 450Amps on acceleration. The battery voltage is very stiff. The whole process at the DMV was rather uneventful. I just had to drive up to the inspection area, open the hood and answer a few question. The inspector made sure the car did not have an engine or tailpipe, and signed some forms. They didn't care about any of the standard requirements like lights, breaks, signals etc. Total consumption was 11 Ah to drive the 4.15 miles to the DMV. At a nominal pack voltage of 96V that works out to 254 Wh/mile. The drive home was uphill and came out to 323Wh/mile. Average for the trip was 288Wh/mile, not great but also not a bad start considering I haven't even aligned it yet. There is plenty of room for improvements in aerodynamics as well. [img_assist|nid=322|title=Charging At Work!|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=450|height=341] On wednesday I drove the car to work for the first time. It sure is an interesting ride, kind of like driving a large gocart. The transmission is quite noisy in 2nd and 3rd gear, 4th gear is nice and quiet but a little to high of a ratio to use on surface streets. The ten mile trip to work consumed only 200Wh/mile, it is a 400ft drop in altitude though. The trip home cost me 270Wh/ mile so it seems either the driver or the car has gotten more efficient. I suspect the new brakes may have been dragging somewhat during my drive to the DMV. Despite the crappy weather; I've been driving to work all week now, the EV grin is growing and the car seems to work great. My main issue is the transmission noise and some rattling going on. I did remove the tar based vibration dampening material from large sections of the floor boards so I'm looking into putting that stuff back. I'm also going to try to add some closed cell foam around transmission tunnel and use a thicker transmission fluid. My front suspension is a bit stiff, I never added back all the wheight I removed. This makes the car a somewhat rough ride. I could either try to find softer springs or figure out a way to add more batteries to the front. The latter would require some rearrangement of the power electronics but I think it can be done.


Excellent project!

I'm glad I found your website. I've been tossing around the idea of an electric car. Ideally, I'd love a Fiat 500 or a BMC Mini, but there's a Spyder for sale in the neighborhood that I may consider if the rust monster hasn't taken up permanent residence.

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