Finally running

Between work, chores, baby, relatives visiting etc, I have not had much time for the car and even less time for this blog. Somehow I managed to get the car done, or close enough to done to take it for a real test drive. My Dad & Brother visiting from Sweden/England helped me push the Camry out of the way, the last obstacle on the road to an EV grin. [img_assist|nid=315|title=Looking for the gear|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=450|height=338] Man, the grin on my face! My dad and brother were both given test rides and EV grins as well. It was very fun and rewarding getting to drive it at last. The steering was a lot harder than expected, although the tires were under inflated so that will improve once I find the nozzle for my compressor... It accelerates very nicely even in third gear going up the slight incline on my street with a rather heavy passenger. I didn't drive it very fast as it is a residential street. Clutchless shifting worked like charm with the fiat gearbox; I could easily shift in a second or two when pushing it. I could feel the synchros working to speed up/down the motor during shift. We'll see how long the synchros survive such abuse. As you can see in the pictures, the hood is still not on. I also need to install some gauges so I know what's going on when I drive. Charging seems to work now but I don't trust it to charge unattended yet, the BMS software still needs some work. Finally I need to change a gasket in the transmission and get it legal. However, my mom is coming over to visit next week so I probably won't have time to finish everything up before the Christmas break. [img_assist|nid=316|title=Returning with a grin!|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=450|height=338] See you next time!

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